Goa Photo Tour March 2019

If you'd like to get intouch with me regarding Photography whilst in Goa - easiest way will be via WhatsApp
You can find me on WhatsApp by clicking on this link - which lets you join my Photo Group


Schedule (I will update this as I know more about my plans)

Monday 25th Feb - Arrive in Goa - initially Staying near Calangute Post Office / Calangute KFC

After two years away I'm coming back to Goa for the whole of March 2019 (and maybe some of April).

Last time I was in Goa I managed to do something very cool and swap at least 2 nights stay in various hotels and hostels all over Goa in exchange for some professional photography. I'd love to do the same thing again on this trip. It was a great way to get to meet some great people and see parts of Goa I'd never normally see.

I'd also like to capture some video this time and use it to make an awesome travel video for people thinking of coming to Goa.

Both the photos and video will be shared on various social media, so it's a great chance to promote your Hotel or Hostel to a wider audience.

Photos & Videos from this trip to Goa will be shared on the Goa Photography Page which currently has 870 followers as well as other places


I'm also looking to grow my portfolio of wedding related videos - so if there's anyone getting married or on their honeymoon whilst in Goa feel free to get intouch and maybe we can arrange a free photo shoot.

GoaGoa, India
GoaGoa, India
GoaGoa, India
GoaGoa, India
GoaGoa, India
GoaGoa, India
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Blessing of the horses at st Ippolyts church in Hitchin

This year I managed to attend a unique blessing of the horses at st Ippolyts church in Hitchin. St Ippolyts’ link to horses comes St Hippolytus who is the patron saint of horses, with sick horses said to have been blessed at St Ippolyts in the Middle Ages.

st Ippolyts Church Horse BlessingBlessing of the horses at st Ippolyts Church
st Ippolyts Church Horse BlessingBlessing of the horses at st Ippolyts Church
st Ippolyts Church Horse BlessingBlessing of the horses at st Ippolyts Church

Automatic High Speed Sync TTL Flash for Sony A6000, A6300 & A6500 Godox TT585S

When I got my first Sony Camera - The NEX 5N - I never considered buying an external flash for it. The NEX 5N came with an attachable popup flash and I thought that would be enough. Once I started getting more and more into photography I realised just how dark some places are and how useful a larger flash might be. So I bought a Yongnuo YN560 Manual Flash and soon after had a total of 4 YN560's, model 2, 3 and 4. Now I have in the region of 7 flashes of different shaps and sizes.
My latest flash is the Godox TT585S (also sold under the Neewer brand)

I was hoping Yongnuo was going to come out with their own version of a Sony HSS / TTL Flash since I already had 4 of their manual flashes and several radio triggers for them but as of January 2017 I'm still waiting. However Godox did produce a flash that supports High Speed Sync and TTL and so far been very pleased.
Sony Mirrorless cameras maximum sync speed is only 1/160 with their inbuilt or manual flashes - This is fairly slow. With my Yongnuo flashes I could take photos at upto 1/200 and not see the black band but once you hit 1/250 you could see the banding.

The Godox TT585S have High Speed Sync which means they will go all the way up to the A6000's 1/4000 Maximum which means you can use it to help capture fast movement (such as a group of people) or use it outdoors in daylight. This becomes very useful for filling in the shadows caused by the sun.
I now shoot with a Sony A6000 as my main camera and found the results to be very good indeed.

High Speed Sync allows you to take photos both Night & Day if you've never owned a High Speed Sync Flash for your Sony Mirrorless Camera then I can highly recommend the Godox for it's price.
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New Year's Eve Photo Scavenger Hunt in London

I've been organising photo scavenger hunts for over 5 years. Most have been in London, but we even did a few on a train from London to Brighton and back again. 2016 saw the very first New Years Eve on a weekend in a very long time, so I decided to organise an event for all the people that would be visiting London this year.

I'm please to say the day was a total success. We had in the region of 100 people take part in the photo scavenger hunt which started off in Camden and ended in Muswell Hill.

Our teams got to make some new friends and see parts of London they'd not normally.

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Coach & Bus Photography Project

By far my favourite way too travel to places is by Coach or private Bus. For 10 years I helped organised an annual trip from London to Windsor to watch the Cartier International Polo (later renamed the Audi International Polo) by Double Decker, as well as coach trips to Wiltshire for the Red Bull Air race and the Epsom Derby.  

Trips by coach and bus are much more friendly then other forms of travel, so friendly in fact that one couple that met on one of my day trips ended up getting married.

As a traveller I'll choose travel by coach over most forms of transport.  When you travel by coach you can see how people live, the kind of houses they have, the kind of shops. Things you don't get to see on a plane or train.

Also a coach will tend to pick you up or drop you off in the centre of a city, whilst most airports are on the outskirts of cities, so you still have the problem of getting to and from the airport at both  ends of your journey. 

Below is a video from one of my past day trips from London to Windsor on a privately hired double decker bus

The Project is to try and capture some amazing images of days out by Bus & Coach, if you're coach operator looking for some professional photography then this is a great opportunity to have some images captured.

I'm based in Harrow, North West London, so ideally you'll have a trip that starts off not too far from that location but I'm open to considering all offers from anywhere in the UK.

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