Coach & Bus Photography Project

By far my favourite way too travel to places is by Coach or private Bus. For 10 years I helped organised an annual trip from London to Windsor to watch the Cartier International Polo (later renamed the Audi International Polo) by Double Decker, as well as coach trips to Wiltshire for the Red Bull Air race and the Epsom Derby.  

Trips by coach and bus are much more friendly then other forms of travel, so friendly in fact that one couple that met on one of my day trips ended up getting married.

As a traveller I'll choose travel by coach over most forms of transport.  When you travel by coach you can see how people live, the kind of houses they have, the kind of shops. Things you don't get to see on a plane or train.

Also a coach will tend to pick you up or drop you off in the centre of a city, whilst most airports are on the outskirts of cities, so you still have the problem of getting to and from the airport at both  ends of your journey. 

Below is a video from one of my past day trips from London to Windsor on a privately hired double decker bus

The Project is to try and capture some amazing images of days out by Bus & Coach, if you're coach operator looking for some professional photography then this is a great opportunity to have some images captured.

I'm based in Harrow, North West London, so ideally you'll have a trip that starts off not too far from that location but I'm open to considering all offers from anywhere in the UK.

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