Automatic High Speed Sync TTL Flash for Sony A6000, A6300 & A6500 Godox TT585S

When I got my first Sony Camera - The NEX 5N - I never considered buying an external flash for it. The NEX 5N came with an attachable popup flash and I thought that would be enough. Once I started getting more and more into photography I realised just how dark some places are and how useful a larger flash might be. So I bought a Yongnuo YN560 Manual Flash and soon after had a total of 4 YN560's, model 2, 3 and 4. Now I have in the region of 7 flashes of different shaps and sizes.
My latest flash is the Godox TT585S (also sold under the Neewer brand)

I was hoping Yongnuo was going to come out with their own version of a Sony HSS / TTL Flash since I already had 4 of their manual flashes and several radio triggers for them but as of January 2017 I'm still waiting. However Godox did produce a flash that supports High Speed Sync and TTL and so far been very pleased.
Sony Mirrorless cameras maximum sync speed is only 1/160 with their inbuilt or manual flashes - This is fairly slow. With my Yongnuo flashes I could take photos at upto 1/200 and not see the black band but once you hit 1/250 you could see the banding.

The Godox TT585S have High Speed Sync which means they will go all the way up to the A6000's 1/4000 Maximum which means you can use it to help capture fast movement (such as a group of people) or use it outdoors in daylight. This becomes very useful for filling in the shadows caused by the sun.
I now shoot with a Sony A6000 as my main camera and found the results to be very good indeed.

High Speed Sync allows you to take photos both Night & Day if you've never owned a High Speed Sync Flash for your Sony Mirrorless Camera then I can highly recommend the Godox for it's price.
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