Goa Photo Tour March 2019

If you'd like to get intouch with me regarding Photography whilst in Goa - easiest way will be via WhatsApp
You can find me on WhatsApp by clicking on this link - which lets you join my Photo Group


Schedule (I will update this as I know more about my plans)

Monday 25th Feb - Arrive in Goa - initially Staying near Calangute Post Office / Calangute KFC

After two years away I'm coming back to Goa for the whole of March 2019 (and maybe some of April).

Last time I was in Goa I managed to do something very cool and swap at least 2 nights stay in various hotels and hostels all over Goa in exchange for some professional photography. I'd love to do the same thing again on this trip. It was a great way to get to meet some great people and see parts of Goa I'd never normally see.

I'd also like to capture some video this time and use it to make an awesome travel video for people thinking of coming to Goa.

Both the photos and video will be shared on various social media, so it's a great chance to promote your Hotel or Hostel to a wider audience.

Photos & Videos from this trip to Goa will be shared on the Goa Photography Page which currently has 870 followers as well as other places


I'm also looking to grow my portfolio of wedding related videos - so if there's anyone getting married or on their honeymoon whilst in Goa feel free to get intouch and maybe we can arrange a free photo shoot.

GoaGoa, India
GoaGoa, India
GoaGoa, India
GoaGoa, India
GoaGoa, India
GoaGoa, India
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