Headshots are one of the most important and valuable photos of yourself you'll ever have taken. For a job seeker a good headshot can make the difference between getting a job interview and not being invited to an interview. For an actor it's the difference between getting an audition for a movie role or not. In the world of online dating It's the difference between a left swipe vs a right swipe.

A Professional Headshot photo is a worthwhile investment in your future, it's usually someone's Facebook and LinkedIn profile photo for several years, their driver's licence or passport photo for upto 10 years. I've personally seen past clients get jobs because they included a photo on their CV which made them stand out from the crowd and get the interview which led to their success. I've witnessed people who got several dates on sites like match.com based on the strength of their profiles where their photos were a key elements of their success.

The Headshot Photo Process
A good headshot is all about getting the person who's photo you're taking to relax whilst bringing out the very best in them. We provide an on location headshot photography service in London and surrounding areas (as well as other parts of the UK on request). This means we come to a place of your choosing to take your headshots. Usually either your home or your office.

We find shooting in a location you're familiar with usually helps the subject to relax. In particular shooting in your own home makes it much easier for you to try on different outfits, wear your hair a different way or for men to try shots with and without facial hair. 

We bring with us all the photographic equipment needed, this includes professional grade digital cameras, portrait lenses which are designed to create the most pleasing effect, lights, lightstands and even our own white background if needed to give you that professional looking image you can use on your social media.

You don't need a very big area to shoot a headshot photo - usually 2m by 3m is the minimum space we require. If you don't have the room or prefer to shoot in a dedicated photography studio then we are happy to arrange this at additional cost.

FAQ's About Headshots

How long does it take to have headshot photos taken?

We don't have a hard and fast rule - but we generally like to spend at least 1 to 2 hours with our clients on location shooting. This does not include setup and take down time which would probably be another 30 minutes. You should therefore set aside a minimum of 3 hours of uninterrupted time for us to work together.
For women we generally recommend no more then 3 outfits in a session and for men if you wish we can take photos with and without beards, of course we shoot with beards first and then give you time to shave.

What happens after the shoot?
I go back and go through the photos, removing the obvious rejects such as photos with your eyes, closed, etc. I then upload the photos to a private gallery where you can pick your favourites.

How many edited photos should I expect?
After the shoot we'll upload most of the images from the shoot to a private gallery for you to view and pick your favourites. In general you'll be expected to pick upto 8 images you want edited. (You can of course pick more but there is an additional charge per extra photo) We have to put a limit on the number of edited images as this is the most time consuming phase. Editing an image is a very time consuming process. We can literally spend hours on a single image. During the editing process our goal is to bring out the best in you whilst still keeping you looking like a real person. 

After the photos are edited we'll provide you with hi-resolutions copies in JPEG Format of the edited photos in both colour and black and white. You are then free to use these photos on your own websites, social media, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, CV, etc.

We usually aim to have your images fully edited within 7 working days of you picking the ones you want edited.